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StoreCustomizer makes it easy to customize all WooCommerce shop, product, checkout & account pages, all live, from within the WP Customizer.

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StoreCustomizer Features

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Customize WooCommerce with free features given in StoreCustomizer !
WooCustomizer Setting - products per page

Edit Products Per Page

Adjust how many Products are displayed per page on your WooCommerce Shop Pages.

WooCustomizer Setting - products per row

Edit Product Columns

Adjust your WC Shop & Archive pages to show the selected columns amount per row.

WooCustomizer Settings - Remove shop elements

Remove Shop Page Elements

Remove all types of elements from the WooCommerce Shop, Archive & Product pages.

WooCustomizer Setting - Sale Banner Text

Edit Sale! banner text

Edit the Shop and Archive sale banners to have your own text for the products on sale!

WooCustomizer Setting - Product button text

Edit Add To Cart button text

Edit the Add To Cart button text for simple products, variable products and grouped products.

WooCustomizer Setting - Remove Breadcrumbs

Remove WC Breadcrumbs

Remove the WooCommerce breadcrumbs on Shop pages and/or Product pages.

Add Product Statistics to show on front-end for Administrator Users

Optional extra to display a block of the recent statistics for Administrator Users to easily view each products recent sales amount.

Remove Shipping & Billing Fields on WooCommerce Checkout Page

StoreCustomizer offers extra settings to remove certain input fields on the Checkout Page for when a user is purchasing products.

Customize WooCommerce product pages to look exactly as you want !
WooCustomizer Settings - WooCommerce Gallery

Edit Product Gallery

Turn of product gallery features such as Image Zoom, Image Lightbox and the Image Slider.

WooCustomizer Setting - Remove Product Elements

Remove Product Page Elements

Remove all types of Product Page elements from Product Title to SKU & lots more.

WooCustomizer Setting - Edit Product Tabs

Edit / Remove Product Tabs

Edit each Product Tabs text to your own heading, or simply remove the product tab.

WooCustomizer Setting - Related Product Label

Edit Related Product Sections

Edit Related and Recommended Product section headings or remove the sections as you want.

WooCustomizer Setting - out of stock text

Edit Product Text Parts

Edit different product status texts from 'Out of Stock' products to available products.

WooCustomizer Setting - Add Product Long Description

Add the Long Description After

The option to remove all product page tabs and still show/add the Product long descriptions after.

WooCustomizer Setting - Show amount sold

Show Product Amount Sold

Turn on the option to display how many products have already been sold + how many are left.

WooCustomizer Setting - Shop Button

Add a Back To Shop button

Add in an extra button to send your users straight back to the shop from the Product page.

WooCustomizer Setting - Price Suffix

Add Price Suffix

Add in extra text after the price to explain more, such as "$18.00 including VAT", etc.

Customize WooCommerce Cart, Checkout & Account Pages too !
WooCustomizer Setting - Empty cart text

Edit Empty Cart Page

Add custom text to your empty cart page to explain more if your users haven't added products.

WooCustomizer Setting - Remove order notes

Remove Order Notes

Clean up your checkout page by removing the Order Extra Notes section.

WooCustomizer Setting - Account Tab design

Show Neater Account Tabs

If your theme doesn't design the default tabs... we do, simply select a neater tab design.

WooCustomizer Setting - checkout custom image

Ensure Security for Customers

Add an image to the checkout page to ensure your customers of a secure payment.

WooCustomizer Setting - Place order button text

Add Text under Place Order

Add in extra text under the checkout Place Order button to for customers to read.

WooCustomizer Setting - Remove coupons

Remove Shop Page Elements

Remove the coupons section on the cart page, or edit the text for cart coupons drop down.

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