Hello! from South Africa

A bit about me and what I do.

Hey, I'm Zack

Hi, my name is Zack, I’m the Owner, developer, marketing manager, support engineer and, well basically the only employee of the StoreCustomizer plugin
(previously called WooCustomizer).

I live in sunny little Cape Town, in South Africa, moving from coffee shop to coffee shop, managing the support and development of the StoreCustomizer plugin… If I’m not working on the plugin then I’m probably surfing or trail running on top of table mountain or one of the many surrounding trails we have in the beautiful place that I live in.

I have been working in the web space for over 10 years and have worked with some of the top agencies in Cape Town to get only the best experience in what’s needed in today internet as a web developer.

I hope the WooCustomizer plugin is working well for you… If not, please feel free to contact me straight away and let me know if you’ve found a bug, are wanting new features added, or anything else you may need help with.

Thank you for reading this far… I hope you like my work 🙂 and

Thank you for using StoreCustomizer!