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Building Custom Thank You Pages with StoreCustomizer

See how to easily build WooCommerce custom thank you pages with the WooCustomizer plugin.

Building custom WooCommerce thank you pages is very easy with StoreCustomizer. You’ll build it exactly the same as you would build any other page for your website.

Navigate to Pages -> Add New in your WordPress Dashboard and start building your pages using the default Gutenberg editor, or we recommend trying out the Elementor Page Builder which we build most of our websites with and projects with.

We’ve also adding a bunch of shortcodes for you to use when building your WooCommerce Custom Thank You pages.

Building your custom thank you pages the StoreCustomizer way is great because you have complete flexibility on what you want to add to the page, and also means you can use any widget or block that is available on the WordPress directory.

Next you can go to the StoreCustomizer settings under WooCommerce -> StoreCustomizer -> Thank You Pages and then enable the Custom Thank You Pages setting, then select the new page that you have already built to be the default Thank You page when a users returns back to your website after a purchase.

You can also select how you want to create your Thank You Pages… This is where you can choose to set Thank You pages on a per product level, per payment type, or select to simply use the one Thank You page you choose.

Per Product Level will add a Custom Thank You Page tab to each product data box when editing the products… Click on to this tab and there you can set the Custom Thank You page, and the product priority… The product with the highest priority set determines which thank you page you will land on if multiple products with custom thank you pages have been bought in the same purchase.

Per Payment Type level will add custom settings to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments. First enable or disable the payment types you will be using, then click Save Changes at the bottom, and the StoreCustomizer Thank You pages settings will appear for each payment type that has been enabled.

Happy Building!

We don’t restrict you to our custom thank you page designs, but we do offer some page layout designs built with the Elementor Page Builder for you to import and use as a starting point.